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Consistent student attendance is important. When a child is frequently absent from school he/she misses important learning experiences including specific skills and knowledge that may be necessary for further le

arning. The real danger of frequent absences from school is that students will develop gaps in their learning that will hinder future learning.
It is understood that there are legitimate reasons why students must miss school. When this occurs, the school will work with you to ensure your child does not fall behind. Please communicate these situations with the child’s teacher and the school principal.
There are also many examples of students missing significant time when it is not necessary. Please take school attendance seriously. Be consistent in ensuring that your child values the importance of a good education. Make sure he/she goes to bed at a reasonable time and gets a good night’s sleep. Plan your vacation at times that will have no impact, or at the least a minimal impact, on school attendance.
Do not hesitate to phone the school if you are encountering difficulties getting your child to attend school. Allow us to work with you to find solutions. We are willing to sit with you to look at your child’s programming and school experiences as well as any other factors that may impact on your child attending school.


Digital Citizenship Resource for Parents here

This is a great start for conversations about cyber-bullying, online etiquette, online identity safety and other computer related issues.


Positive, Effective, Behavioural Supports (PEBS) at Home


This is the same form of teaching positive behaviours used at school. Here we try to model and teach the desired behaviour and provide positive reinforcement.


Hantsport School PEBS Matrix


AVRSB Dress Code


Hantsport School Dress Code


This is the policy we refer to when considering the appropriateness of dress in the school.


Curriculum Outcomes


What we teach, and when we teach it. This site is organized by grade and by subject.


Important Dates


June 5 - Primary Orientation

June 5 - Graddes 1-6 Author in the School Geraldine Tuck

June 6 - Grade 7 Clean

June 7 - Grades 3-5 walk to Hantsport Heritage Centre

June 8 - JUNE FAIR

June 12 - Athletic Awards Night

June 13 - Elementary Spring Concert

June 12, 14, 16  - Grade 3 Swim to Survive

June 12 - Grades 3-5 Field Trip to Windsor

June 15 - Band & Choir Trip

June 16 - H& School Dance & Frenchy's Night

June 20 - Band Spring Concert

June 21 - Grade P-2 Field Trip to Recycling Plant Kentville

June 22 MLE Trip to Acadia for Mawio'mi

June 23 - Grade 7&8 Trip to Halifax

June 27, 28, 29 Marking Days NO SCHOOL for students

June 29 1:30 pm Grade 8 Closing

June 30 - Last Day of School





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    Dismissal: 2:35 pm

    Early Dismissal time: 11:30 am